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Yolo Pinnies – You Only Lax Once Pinnies

I know some of you say you have seen these before but I always get a good laugh out of how someone took this summer catch phrase to a new height.  Yolo pinnies can still be cool if they say lax on them.  You only lax once so make the best of it.

This past October, I decided to re-live my once wild and fun lacrosse past in the Howard County old mans lacrosse league.  I ended up in surgery about a month later with serious surgery to my right knee.  (Torn ACL, removed meniscus and OATS procedure from destroyed cartlidge.)  Its when you get to almost forty like I am and suffer from bad injuries that you realize that you can never take back the great days of playing lacrosse or any other sport.  So for all you youngsters out there that are on sports teams, I strongly advise you to play every single game to the best of your abilities like it is your last.  Cherish your God given energy, stamina and athleticism.  Happy Laxin!

yolo pinnies

yolo pinnies

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