Waukesha Lacrosse Uniforms – Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms – Sublimated Shooter Shirts

Sublimated lacrosse uniforms

Here goes a great set of Waukesha Lacrosse Uniforms in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This matching set of Waukesha shooting shirts and sublimated lacrosse shorts is made in Kensington, Maryland USA. Good luck to the team and thanks for the great order.

waukesha lacrosse uniforms

waukesha lacrosse uniforms


Sublimated lacrosse uniforms can be designed and made in any color combination or pattern you can think of.  There is no upcharge or add on for your designs, team names, logos or special numbers.  Call one of our artists and we can work up a design that is right for your team or club.  These are all proudly made in Maryland USA by Lightning Wear.

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