Black Ops Lacrosse Pinnies – Sublimated Pinnies

Black Ops Lacrosse Pinnies

Black Ops lacrosse pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  Check out these little gems on the way to the Black Ops team.  The team chose design 5 sublimated pinnies with the custom orange inner color.  The designer allows you to choose two colors but if you call us we can make some adjustments to add as many additional colors or styles that you want.  This team went with an additional side digital camouflage accent to make them look even more tough.  The orange writing and sniper lacrosse logos really went big and tough.  The other great thing about sublimation is that it allows for you to cover the full body of the garment.

black ops lacrosse pinnies

black ops lacrosse pinnies


The possibilities for camouflage cover the full spectrum.  We can do just about any color combination or camo pattern that you can think of.  One of our teams actually took a picture of a bamboo field near their house and sent it in to us.  We were able to create a custom camos pattern that really looked like it belonged in the local hunting shop.  Call us anytime and we can go over the endless spectrum of colors and design options.  We want you to be a return customer and always know that Lightning Wear is the place for your custom sublimated pinnies.

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