Custom Volleyball Shirts

custom volleyball shirts

Custom Volleyball Shirts The Central Catholic Vikettes will be the coolest looking bunch of gals in their new custom volleyball shirts with the Hawaiian theme.  Each player applied their very cool nickname and custom number to the back of the … Continue reading

Basketball Practice Jerseys Design

basketball practice jersey design

Basketball Practice Jerseys Design The basketball practice jerseys design that team Sons of Liberty chose is definitely going to make their opponents lose their step.  Check out the very patriotic image and red white stripes on the way to this … Continue reading

Lacrosse Shooter Shirts for Sale

lacrosse shooter shirts for sale

Lacrosse Shooter Shirts for Sale If you have been seeing our blog or our recent pictures posted on our @laxpinnies instagram account, you will notice that we have been shipping a ton of lacrosse shooter shirts for sale. We still have … Continue reading

Lacrosse Shorts for Fundraising

lacrosse shorts for fundraising

Lacrosse Shorts for Fundraising If your team or organization is looking to do a fundraiser, there is no better way to do it than with some special sublimated gear from Lightning Wear®.  Lacrosse shorts for fundraising or any other item … Continue reading

Maryland Long Sleeve Shirt

Maryland long sleeve shirt

Maryland Long Sleeve Shirts Attention Maryland sports fans this is Johnny Holiday, just kidding.  Anyone that is a sports fan in the Maryland area can easily recognize that distinctive voice of the great sports announcer. Sorry a little reminiscing….  Any … Continue reading

Ultimate Frisbee Tie Dye Pinnies

ultimate frisbee tie dye pinnies

Ultimate Frisbee Tie Dye Pinnies The chillier weather will not stop our local pals from the Whitman Ultimate Frisbee Team from looking summery in these Ultimate frisbee tie dye pinnies.  These guys decided to add some wild nicknames and numbers … Continue reading

Team Lacrosse Hooded Sweatshirts

team lacrosse hooded sweatshirts

Team Lacrosse Hooded Sweatshirts I have seen a lot of cool team lacrosse hooded sweatshirts come past my desk, but these Attleboro lacrosse hooded sweatshirts with the awesome Eagle print are the best I have seen in a while.  The … Continue reading

Shakerz Lacrosse Hooded Sweatshirts

shakerz lacrosse hooded sweatshirts

Shakerz Lacrosse Hooded Sweatshirts In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Avon Walk, the crew from the Salt Shakerz lacrosse program put together a fantastic design of sublimated lacrosse hooded sweatshirts.  The hot pink print looks great on … Continue reading

Sublimated Hockey Jersey – Ice Hockey

sublimated hockey jersey

Sublimated Hockey Jersey  These Hornets sublimated hockey jerseys are perhaps some of the best ice hockey uniforms  we have seen come across the press in a while.  Although you may think we are a lacrosse company by trade, you will … Continue reading

Team Lacrosse Uniform – IMG

team lacrosse uniform

Team Lacrosse Uniform Here goes a set of Team lacrosse uniforms to the Xtreme laxers playing in the IMG nationals lacrosse tournaments.  The team went with a green, black and gray color combination and used the collegiate cut pinnie.  Since … Continue reading